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Bible College of Victoria

Harvest Bible College

Redlands College


Acadia University

Alberta Bible College

Bishop’s University

Brandon University

Canadian Bible College

Concordia University

Covenant Bible College

Emmanuel Bible College

Evangel Bible College

Historic Baptist Bible College and Seminary

Laurention University of Sudbury

McGill University

Memorial University

Mount Saint Vincent University

Northwest Bible College

Pacific Life Bible College

Saint Mary’s University

Saint Paul University

St. Francis Xavier University

St. Thomas University

Trinity College

Tyndale College and Seminary

Universite du Quebec a Montral

Universite Laval

University of British Columbia

University of Calgary

University of Manitoba

University of Ottawa

University of Saskatchewan

University of St Michael’s College

University of Toronto

University of Waterloo

University of Western Ontario

University of Windsor

University of Winnipeg

Victoria University


Bath College of higher Educ.

Bishop Grosseteste College

Brunnel University College

Canterbury Christ Church College

Cardiff Institute of Higher Educat.

Cheltenham & Cloucester College

Chester College of Higher Educ.

College of St. Mark and St. John

De Montford University

Glasgow University

Gwent College of Higher Educ.

Heytrop College

King Alfred’s College

King’s Bible College

Lancaster University

Liverpool Institute of Higher Educ.

London Bible College

LSU College of Higher Education

Manchester Metropolitan University

Middlessex University

National Extention College

New College Durham

Northern Ireland Bible College

Oak Hill College

Oxford University

Queen’s University of Belfast

Roehampton Institute

South London Bible College

St. Martin’s College

St. Mary University College

Suffolk College

Trinity and All Saints College

Trinity College Bristol

Trinity College Carmarthen

Univ. College of Ripon and York

University College

University of Aberdeen

University of Bath

University of Birmingham

University of Bristol

University of Cambridge

University of Derby

University of durham

University of Edinburg

University of Exeter

niversity of Glamorgan

University of Greenwich

University of Hertfordshire

University of Hull

University of Leeds

University of Newcastle upon Tyne

University of Nottingham

University of Plymouth

University of Sheffield

University of St. Andrews

University of Stirling

University of Sunderland

University of Wales (Bangor)

University of Wales (Lampeter)

University of Warwick

University of Wolverhampton

Westhill College

Westminster College


Israel College of the Bible


Africa Nazarene University


Bible College of New Zealand

Massey University

University of Canterbury

University of Otago

University of Waikato

Victoria University of Wellington


MBS Bible College

Misjonshogskolen Teologik Fakultet


Tung Ling Bible College


Assemplies of God Theological Seminary

Alaska Bible College

Alaska Bible Institute

Albuquerque Bible Colleg

American Indian Bible College

Andersonville Baptist Seminary

Andover Newton Theological School

Antietam Bible College and Seminary

Atlanta Bible College

Atlanta Christian College

Atlantic Baptist Bible College

Bahnsen Theological Seminary

Baptist Bible College

Baptist Bible College and Seminary

Baptist Bible College East

Beacon Theological Seminary

Bethany Bible College and Theological Seminary

Bethany Lutheran College

Beulah Heights Bible College

Bible Baptist School of Theology

Blear Creek Baptist Bible College

Blue Mountain College

Bluefield College of Evangelism

Boise Bible College

Brown Trail School of Preachin

California Christian College

California State University

Calvary Baptist Bible College

Calvary Bible College

Calvary Chapel Bible College

Canyonview Bible College and Seminary

Capital Bible College

Carver Bible Institute and College

Cascade Bible College

Cathedral Bible College

Central Bible College

Central Christian College of the Bible

Christian Heritage College

Christian Life College

Christian Theological Seminary

Christian Union School of the Bible

Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary

Circleville Bible College

Clearwater Christian College

Colgate Rochester Divinity School

Colorado Christian Union

Columbia Bible College and Semin.

Concordia Theological Seminary

Crichton College

Dallas Christian College

Dallas Theological Seminary

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Eastern Christian College

Emmanuel Bible College

Emmanuel College

Emmaus Bible College

Eugene Bible College

Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary

FaithWay Baptist College

Far North Bible College

Florida Beacon Bible College

Florida Christian College

Florida State University

Foundations Bible College

Free Gospel Bible Institute

Freedom Bible College

Freewill Baptist Bible College

Fuller Theological Seminary

Global Outreach Bible Institute

Golden State School of Theology

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Grace Bible College

Grace College of the Bible

Graduate Theological Union

Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary

Great Lakes Bible College

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Hartford Seminary

Harvard Divinity School

Harvest Christian College

Heritage Bible College

Hope International University

Immanuel Lutheran College

Institute for Christian Studies

International Bible College (at Texas)

International Bible College (at California)

Jackson Holy Bible College

John Brown University

Johnson Bible College

Kentucky Christian College

Kentucky Mountain Bible College

Kingston Bible College

Knox Seminary

L.I.F.E. Bible College

Lafayette Bible College

Lancaster Bible College

Le Fourneau University

LIFE Bible College East

Lincoln Christian College and Seminary

Logos Christian College and Graduate Schools

Lubbock Christian University

Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle

Manhattan Christian College

Maranatha Baptist Bible College

Maryland Bible College and Seminary

Mid-America Bible College

Mid-Continent Baptist Bible College

Milligan College

Minnesota Bible College

Montana Bible College

Moody Bible Institute

Multnomah School of the Bible

Nashville Bible College

National Bible College

Nazarene Bible College

Nebraska Christian College

New England Bible College

New York Theological Seminary

New York University

North Center Bible College

Northland Baptist Bible College

Northwest College of Assemblies of God

Northwestern College

Ozark Christian College

Pacific Christian College

Philadelphia College of the Bible

Piedmont Bible College

Pillsbury Baptist Bible College

Platte Valley Bible College

Portland Bible College

Practical Bible Training School

Princeton Theological Seminary

Reformed Bible College

Reformed Theological Seminary

Regent University

Resedale Bible Institute

Rio Grande Bible Institute and Language School

Roanoke Bible College

Saint Luis Christian College

San Jose Christian College

Seattle Bible College

Shasta Bible College

Southeastern Bible College

Southeastern College of Christian Ministries

Southern Bible Institute

Southwestern Christian College

Spurgeon College and Seminary

St. Paul Bible College

Summit Theological Seminary

Tennessee Bible College

Texas Christian University

The Criswell College

The Lutheran Bible Institute

The Ohio State University

The University of Georgia

Toccoa Falls Bible College

Trinity College of the Bible

Trinity Life Bible College

University of Alabama

University of Chicago

University of Denver

University of Pennsylvania

University of Rochester

University of South Dakota

University of Virginia

University of Wisconsin

Washington Bible College

West Coast Christian College

Western Pentecostal Bible College

Westminster Theological Seminary

Wheaton College

Winston-Salem Bible College

Wright State University